Select Papyri, 1.129


Greek text:   POxy 1295
Date:   2nd or 3rd cent. A.D.

Tasois to the most honoured Dionysius greeting. Look you, I have not imitated your attempt to take away my son, but if you are going to find fault with him in this manner, I will send Ptolemaeus and take him away. When his father died, I paid 1300 drachmas on his behalf and spent 60 drachmas on clothes for him. Pray then cease persuading him to break with me, or I will take him and leave him in Alexandria as a pledge. Now please send me two months' salary by the bearer of the letter and the cloak, and let me know how much money you have given him and whether you received the cloak. Send the shawl to your brother. Goodbye.

{Addressed}   To Dionysius from Tasois.

papyrus 130

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