Select Papyri, 1.132


Greek text:   PSI 1080
Date:   3rd cent. (?) A.D.

Diogenis to her brother Alexander greeting. In accordance with your instructions to Taamois about a house for us to move into, we found the one which we let go before moving over to Agathinus. The house is beside the Iseum, adjoining the house of Claudianus . . . We move into it in Phamenoth. I wish you to know that I received from Bottus a hundred and twenty drachmas. I have sent you . . . of purple dye by Sarapiacus. The letter which you forwarded to me to deliver to Bolphius I have delivered. Many salutations to the little Theon. Eight toys have been brought for him by the lady to whom you told me to give your salutations, and these I have forwarded to you. . . .

{Addressed}   To Aurelius Alexander.

papyrus 133

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