Select Papyri, 1.149


Greek text:   POxy 1666
Date:   3rd cent. A.D.

Pausanias to his brother Heracleides greeting. I think our brother Sarapammon has informed you of the reason why I went down to Alexandria, and I have written to you before about my boy Pausanias taking service in a legion. As however he wished no longer to serve in a legion but in a squadron, I was obliged on learning of this to go and see him, although I did not want to. So after many entreaties from his mother and sister to transfer him to Coptos, I went down to Alexandria and used many ways and means until at last he was transferred to the squadron at Coptos. Though I longed to pay you a visit on the voyage up, we were limited by the furlough granted to the boy by the most illustrious praefect, and for that reason I did not manage to visit you. I will try therefore, if the gods will, to be with you for the feast of the Amesysia. So, brother, take charge yourself of the deed of mortgage, to have it prepared in the customary way. I beg you, brother, to write to me about your being all well, as I heard at Antinoopolis that there has been plague in your neighbourhood. So do not neglect to write, that I may feel more cheerful about you. Many salutations to my lady mother and my sister and our children, whom the evil eye shall not harm. Pausanias salutes you. I pray for the health of you and all your household.

{Addressed}   To the Oxyrhynchite nome, to Heracleides son of . . . from his brother Pausanias.

papyrus 150

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