Select Papyri, 1.151


Greek text:   POxy 1676
Date:   3rd cent. A.D.

Flavius Herculanus to the sweetest and most honoured Aplonarion very many greetings. I rejoiced greatly on receiving your letter which was given to me by the cutler, though I have not received the one which you say you have sent me by Platon the dancer's son. But I was exceedingly grieved that you did not come for my boy's birthday, both you and your husband, for you could have enjoyed yourself for many days along with him. But doubtless you had more important business; that is why you have disdained us. I wish you, as much as myself, to be always happy, but yet again I grieve that you are away from me. If you are not unhappy away from me, I rejoice in your happiness, though I myself again fret at not seeing you. Do what suits you; for when any time you wish to see us, we shall be most glad to receive you. Please then come to us in Mesore, in order that we may really see you. Give my salutations to your mother and your father and Callias. My son salutes you, and his mother, and Dionysius my fellow-worker, who helps me at the stable. Salutations to all who love you. I pray for your health.

{Addressed}   Deliver to Aplonarion from her patron Herculanus. From Flavius Herculanus.

papyrus 152

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