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Greek text:   PMich 3.214
Date:   About A.D. 293.

Paniscus to my wife Plutogenia, mother of my daughter, very many greetings. Before all I pray for your prosperity daily before all the gods. I would have you know, sister, that we have been staying in Coptos near your sister and her children, so do not be grieved about coming to Coptos; for your kinsfolk are here. And just as you desire above all to greet her with many greetings, so she prays daily to the gods desiring to greet you along with your mother. So on receiving this letter of mine make your preparations in order that you may come at once if I send for you. And when you come, bring ten fleeces of wool, six jars of olives, four jars of liquid honey, and my shield, the new one only, and my helmet. Bring also my lances. Bring also the fittings of the tent. If you find an opportunity, come in good company. Let Nonnus come with you. Bring all our clothes when you come. Bring with you your gold ornaments, but do not wear them on the boat. Salutations to my lady and daughter Heliodora. Hermias salutes you.

{Addressed}   Deliver to my wife and my daughter, from Paniscus her father.

papyrus 156

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