Select Papyri, 1.156


Greek text:   POxy 1068
Date:   3rd cent. A.D.

Saturnilus to my lord Apollonius greeting. Finding no boat available in the Arsinoite nome I wrote to my lord Clematius the chief priest to send me a boat in order that I might be able to carry the body down to Alexandria; and he sent me a skiff of sixty artabas' burden. The brethren who brought it got also a letter from Clematius to the effect that no one should interfere with it locally. Now on going up to the Arsinoite nome they found the body not yet ready to be buried, but I have a delay of some days. So they resolved to go to Toou for an urgent business. I pray you then, my lord, to let them have proofs of your interest, that they may testify of it to me on their return, and anything else that they may need from you; for instance, you sent for the ass and I have kept him until I come to you. I beg you then, my lord, to give them a letter in order that no one may interfere with them on the road and so I may be able to bury the body and come to you. I pray for your lasting health.

{Addressed}   Deliver to Apollonius from Saturnilus.

papyrus 157

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