Select Papyri, 1.16


Greek text:   BGU 1107
Date:   13 B.C.

To Protarchus from Isidora daughter of . . having with her as guardian her brother Eutychides son of . . ., and from Didyma daughter of Apollonius, Persian, having with her as guardian her brother Ischyrion son of Apollonius, Persian of the Epigone, Didyma agrees to nurse and suckle, outside at her own home in the city, with her own milk pure and untainted, for a period of 16 months from Pharmouthi of the current 17th year of Caesar, the foundling infant slave child . . . called . . . which Isidora has given out to her, receiving from her, Isidora, as wages for milk and nursing ten drachmas and two cotylae of oil every month, so long as she is duly paid she shall take proper care both of herself and of the child, not injuring her milk nor sleeping with a man nor becoming pregnant nor suckling another child, and whatever things of the child she receives or is entrusted with she shall keep safe and shall give back when demanded or else forfeit the value of each except in the case of manifest loss, on proof of which she shall be exempted. Didyma has forthwith received from Isidora by hand from the house oil for the first three months, Pharmouthi, Pachon, and Pauni. She shall not cease nursing before the end of the time, and if she breaks the agreement in any way she shall forfeit the wages which she has already received and those which she may have received besides, increased by one half, with damages and expenses, and shall moreover pay 500 drachmas and the prescribed fine, Isidora having the right of execution upon the person of Didyma and all her property as if by legal decision, all assurances which she may produce and all resort to protection being invalid. If she fulfils every condition, Isidora shall deliver to her the monthly wages as stated above for the remaining 13 months and shall not remove the child before the end of the time, or she herself shall pay the like penalty. Didyma shall visit Isidora every month regularly on four separate days bringing the child to be inspected by her. We request ratification.

{Signed}   I, Isidora, agree on the above terms. I, Eutychides, have professed myself guardian of my sister and have written for her as she is illiterate. I, Didyma, agree on the above terms. I, Ischyrion, have professed myself guardian of my sister and have written for her, as she is illiterate.

{Docketed}   Isidora's agreement. The 17th year of Caesar . . .

papyrus 17

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