Select Papyri, 1.165


Greek text:   PBour 25
Date:   4th cent. A.D.

To my lady and beloved aunt from Tare, daughter of your sister Allous, greeting in God. Before all I pray to God that my letter finds you well and cheerful ; such is my prayer. Know, dear lady, that my mother, your sister, has been dead since Easter. When I had my mother with me, she was all my family, and since her death I have been left in solitude without a companion in a strange land. Remember me then, aunt, as if my mother were still alive, and if you find someone, send him to me. Salute all our kinsfolk. May the Lord guard you in health for long and peaceful years, my lady. {Addressed} Deliver the letter to Horina sister of Apollonius, of Coptos, from Tare daughter of her sister, of Apameia.

papyrus 166

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