Select Papyri, 1.168


Greek text:   POxy 1874
Date:   6th cent. A.D.

. . . that you suffered like mother Eve, like Mary; and, as God lives, my master, neither righteous women nor sinners ever suffered what you suffered; nevertheless your sins are nought. But let us glorify God because it was He who gave and He who took away; but pray that the Lord may give them rest and may vouchsafe to behold you among them in Paradise when the souls of men are judged ; for they are gone to the bosom of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob. But I exhort you, my lord, not to put grief into your soul and ruin your fortunes, but pray that the Lord may send you his blessing. For the Lord has many good things and makes the sorrowful to be of good cheer if they desire a blessing from him and we hope in God that through this grief the Lord may send joy to you and the lord your brother . . .

papyrus 169

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