Select Papyri, 1.171


Greek text:   PCairZen 59445
Date:   About 255 B.C.

Memorandum to Zenon from Theophilus the . . . About the work in the house of Diotimus: for the portico, I undertake to have the cornice painted with a purple border, the upper part of the wall variegated, the lower course like vetch-seed, and the pediment with circular veining, providing myself with all materials, for 30 drachmas. For the dining-room with seven couches, I will do the vault according to the pattern which you saw, and give the lower course an agreeable tint and paint the Lesbian cornice, providing myself with all materials, for 20 drachmas. And for the dining-rooms with five couches, I will paint the cornices, providing myself with all materials, for 3 drachmas. The sum total is 53 drachmas. But if you provide everything, it will come to 30 drachmas. Goodbye.

papyrus 172

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