Select Papyri, 1.181


Original text: PCZen 59069
Date: 257 B.C.

Year 29, Xandicus 11, at Hermopolis. We have left behind these articles which Charmus has handed over to Apollodotus : in a basket 5 small bags of nard sealed and 1 small wallet sealed, 1 small wallet, sealed, containing dice of gazelle bone; purple dye in one pillow-case; 1 strip of variegated cloth; 3 half-strips of variegated cloth; 2 strips of white cloth ; 4 strips of purple cloth ; 3 bags and 1 small bag of frankincense sealed ; 2 small bags of myrrh sealed; 1 wallet containing dice of gazelle bone; 1 small wallet of purple dye sealed; 1 small wallet of saffron sealed.

papyrus 182

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