Select Papyri, 1.21


Greek text:   POxy 1275
Date:   3rd cent. A.D.

The Aurelii Onnophris son of Aminonius and of Thaisous, Aphunchis son of Heraclas and of Tausiris, Hermogenes son of Dionysius and of Heraclous, . . sis son of Philotas and of Aristous, and . . . son of Ammonius, all five presidents of the village of Souis, and Copreus son of Sarapammon, head of a company of flute-players and musicians, mutually acknowledge that Onnophris and his associates have engaged Copreus with his company to perform for the inhabitants of the aforesaid village for five feast-days from the 10th of Phamenoth of the current 2nd year, at a daily wage of 140 drachmas, 40 pairs of loaves and 8 cotylae of coleseed oil and an allowance for the whole time of one jar of wine and one jar of sour wine; and Copreus acknowledges herewith that he has received as earnest-money 20 drachmas. Onnophris and his associates shall send ten donkeys to meet Copreus and his company coming from the Oxyrhynchite nome and transport them to the aforesaid village . . .

papyrus 22

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