Select Papyri, 1.32


Greek text:   POxy 95
Date:   A.D. 129.

The 13th year of the Emperor Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Pauni 29, at Oxyrhynchus in the Thebaid. Agathodaemon also called Dionysius son of Dionysius son of Dionysius, his mother being Hermione, of Oxyrhynchus, acknowledges to Gaius Julius Germanus son of Gaius Julius Domitianus, in the street, that he hereby confirms the autograph contract which the acknowledging party Agathodaemon also called Dionysius made with Julius Germanus on Tubi 25 of the current 13th year for the sale of a female slave called Dioscorous, aged about 25 years, without distinguishing marks, who became his property by purchase and formerly belonged to Heracleides also called Theon son of Machen, of the Sosicosmian tribe and the Althaean deme, which slave Julius Germanus did then take over from him just as she was, not repudiable except for epilepsy or seizure by a claimant, for the price of 1200 drachmas of silver, which Agathodaemon also called Dionysius then received from Julius Germanus in full on the making of the autograph contract, out of which price Julius Germanus paid the tax on the sale of the said slave Dioscorous on Phamenoth 3 of the said year according to the receipt issued to him ; and it is incumbent on Agathodaemon also called Dionysius to guarantee the sale of the said slave Dioscorous in every respect, as the autograph contract states. If the contract should happen to be lost or destroyed in some other way, Julius Germanus shall not require . . .

papyrus 33

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