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Greek text:   POxy 909
Date:   A.D. 225.

Aurelius Ptollion son of Ptollion, of Oxyrhynchus, guardian of the children of Apollonius also called Didymus son of Onesas, who are minors, and the mother of the minors, who gives her concurrence, Aurelia Eudaemonis daughter of Antinous also called Hermes, of Antinoopolis, acting without a guardian according to the Roman custom by the right of her children, to the Aurelii Serenus son of Aurelius Ammonius, formerly exegetes of Oxyrhynchus, and Serenus son of Serenus and Theonas styled as having Taarmiusis for mother and Soterichus son of Didymus, of the said city, greeting. We acknowledge that we have sold to you four in equal shares the 14 mature acacia trees growing upon the embankment of the minors' newly planted vineyard near the village of Senepta at the price agreed upon between us of 1200 silver drachmas, which sum has been applied to the purchase of wheat paid for the dues on the aforesaid vineyard which were owing from the reign of the deified Commodus, on condition that you dig up the aforesaid acacia trees from the roots and remove them at your own expense whenever you choose, though it must not be later than Mesore of the current 4th year, and after the digging up and removal of the acacia trees the ground shall be put in order by both parties equally, half by you and the other half by us the vendors, in accordance with our agreement to these terms, and in answer to the formal question we have given our consent. This deed of sale, written in duplicate, is valid. The 4th year of the Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Pius Felix Augustus, Tubi 15.

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Ptollion son of Ptollion, with the concurrence of the mother . . .

papyrus 36

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