Select Papyri, 1.55


Greek text:   POxy 1644
Date:   63-62 B.C.

The 19th year of the reign of Ptolemy, the god New Dionysus Philopator Philadelphus, and the rest of the formula as written in Alexandria, the [.] of the month Peritius or Choiak, at Oxyrhynchus in the Thebaid. Pasion and Ptolemaeus and Apollonius, all three sons of Dionysius, Macedonians of the katoikic cavalry, acknowledge to the son of their deceased sister Berenice, Moschion son of . . ., Macedonian of the katoikic cavalry, all the parties being domiciled in the street of Cleopatra Aphrodite, that neither they nor other person acting for them make or will make any claim or take any proceedings against Moschion or his assigns concerning the loan of money at interest which Moschion obtained from the mother of the acknowledging parties and his own maternal grandmother, Arsinoe daughter of Ptolemaeus, who has also died, and which moreover has been embodied in a contract executed through the record-office in the aforesaid city in former times, or concerning any other provision whatever of the said contract of loan, because Moschion for certain reasons has effected a renewal of the aforesaid money-agreement with Arsinoe under a pledge on account of the above-mentioned kinship. If any of us violates the above agreement or takes proceedings against Moschion, not only shall the proceedings be invalid but the aggressor or his representative shall further forfeit to Moschion or the assign of Moschion whom he sues a penalty of 500 drachmas of silver and to the State the like amount, and none the less (the agreement shall be valid). The witnesses of the acknowledging parties consent with them to all the above provisions : for Pasion, Dionysius . . . {Endorsed} Year 19, Choiak. Agreement of Pasion and his brothers with Moschion.

papyrus 56

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