Select Papyri, 1.8


Greek text:   PGrenf 2.76
Date:   A.D. 305-306.

Soulis, grave-digger, of the toparchy of Kusis, to Senpsais daughter of Psais and of Tees, grave-digger, of the same toparchy, greeting. Since through some evil spirit it has come about that we have separated from each other in respect of our common wedded life, I, the aforesaid Soul, herewith acknowledge that before sending her away I have received in full all the objects given to her by me in any manner whatsoever and that I will not hereafter take proceedings against her about cohabitation or wedding-gift, but that she is free to depart and marry whom she chooses; and I, the aforesaid Senpsais, acknowledge that I have received in full from him, the aforesaid Soul, all that was given to him by way of dowry, including certain separate objects of my own, or in any other way whatsoever; and we will not henceforth take proceedings against each other about any matter at all of any kind, written or unwritten, because the separation is absolute. This deed of separation, written in duplicate and signed, shall be valid and guaranteed as if deposited in a public record-office, and in answer to the formal question I have given my assent. The 14th year of our lords Constantius and Maximianus Augusti and the 2nd year of . . . [the Caesars Severus and Maximinus].

papyrus 9

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