Select Papyri, 1.88A


   Greek text:   PMich 1.10 
Date:   257 B.C. 

This letter (not in the original collection) reports the outcome of a sea voyage made during the middle of winter. It appears to be connected to another letter from Antimenes ( PCairZen_59029 ), dated to the month of Hyperberetaeus (November/December), in which he says that after some delays he has sent off a woman (probably Doris "the sister") on a boat, entrusting her to the care of the captain, Zenon son of Heracleides. If this is correct, then the sequence of events, according to the Julian calendar, would be as follows:

Unfortunately the journey cannot be recreated with any certainty, because we do not know where Antimenes was based, or which Arsinoē is meant (there were several cities with this name).

Antimenes to Zenon greeting. If you are well, it would be excellent. [I too am in good health]. I have written for you below [a copy of the letter] which came to me from Sosipater, in order that you may take note and enter to the account of Apollonius . . . no travelling allowance was delivered to them . . . were driven in by the stormy weather . . . to Arsinoe. [Farewell. Year] 28, Peritius 28.

Sosipater to Antimenes greeting. If [you are well] in body and everything else is to your mind, it would be excellent. We too are well. Ariston and the sister arrived here, reporting that they had been handsomely treated by you in every way. You do well then to show yourself friendly towards us; for we too will try to pay you all attention in any matter that you are keen about and write to us about. Know that they were driven in to Patara by the storms; from there they hired a boat and sailed along to Arsinoe to join us. The fare has been paid . . . amounting to 35 drachmas. I have therefore written to let you know. Farewell. Year 28, Apellaeus 26. 

{Addressed} To Zenon.

{Docketed}   Antimenes about Doris, with a copy of the letter from Antipater {an error for Sosipater}. Received year 28, Dystrus 17, in Mendes.

papyrus 96

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