Select Papyri, 1.89


Greek text:   PSI 333
Date:   256 B.C.

Promethion to Zenon greeting. I suffered anxiety when I heard of your long protracted illness, but now I am delighted to hear that you are convalescent and already on the point of recovery. I myself am well. I previously gave your agent Heracleides 150 drachmas in silver from your account, as you wrote to me to do, and he is bringing you now 10 hins of perfume in 21 vases which have been sealed with my finger-ring. For though Apollonius wrote to me to buy and give him also 300 wild pomegranate wreaths, I did not manage to give him these at the same time, as they were not ready, but Pa . . . will bring them to him at Naucratis; for they will be finished before the 30th. I have paid the price both of these and of the perfume from your account, as Apollonius wrote. I have also paid a charge of 10 drachmas in copper for the boat in which he is sailing up. And 400 drachmas in silver have been paid to Iatrocles for the papyrus rolls which are being manufactured in Tanis for Apollonius. Take note then that these affairs have been settled thus. And please write yourself if ever you need anything here. Goodbye. Year 29, Choiach 28.

{Addressed}   To Zenon.

{Docketed}   Year 29, Peritius 3. Promethion about what he has paid.

papyrus 90

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