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Greek text:   PCairZen 59251
Date:   252 B.C.

Artemidorus to Zenon greeting. If you are well, it would be excellent. I too am well and Apollonius is in good health and other things are satisfactory. As I write this, we have just arrived in Sidon after escorting the princess { Berenice } to the frontier, and I expect that we shall soon be with you. Now you will do me a favour by taking care of your own health and writing to me if you want anything done that I can do for you. And kindly buy me, so that I may get them when I arrive, 3 metretae of the best honey and 600 artabas of barley for the animals, and pay the cost of them out of the produce of the sesame and croton, and also see to the house in Philadelphia in order that I may find it roofed when I arrive. Try also as best you can to keep watch on the oxen and the pigs and the geese and the rest of the stock there; I shall have a better supply of provisions if you do. Also see to it that the crops are harvested somehow, and if any outlay is required, do not hesitate to pay what is necessary. Goodbye. Year 53, intercalary Peritius 6.

{Addressed}   To Zenon. To Philadelphia.

{Docketed}   Year 33, Phamenoth 6. Artemidorus.

papyrus 94

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