Select Papyri, 1.96


Greek text:   PEleph 13
Date:   222 (or 223) B.C.

Andron to his brother Milon greeting. If you are well and everything else is to your mind, it would be as I desire. I myself am in good health. On the arrival of Sanos I received your letter, and it was a pleasure to read it aad hear your news. I inquired of Sanos whether he wanted anything in our district, but he merely thanked me and did not give any order. About the twenty drachmas, Philon has not yet received them, for we have not found Pistocles. About the wine, Praxiades has not yet come in from the country, but from what his mother tells me I do not think he has got it. Now you will do me a favour if you take care of yourself and do not hesitate to write and tell me what I could do to please you. Goodbye. Year 25, Mesore 18.

{Addressed}   To Milon.

papyrus 97

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