Select Papyri, 1.98


Greek text:   PPar 49   (UPZ 1 62)
Date:   About 160 B.C.

Dionysius to Ptolemaeus greeting and good health. You know what a liberal, not vulgar, spirit I have displayed towards all men and particularly towards you and your brother on account of Sarapis and your own liberal spirit, and ever since you were introduced to me I have sought to devote myself to all your interests. And when your brother met me on the 17th of Mecheir and asked me to allow my clerks, if he brought a third section of a roll, to undertake the transcription of all his documents, I told him not to ask me, but to come, looking on me as his brother at court and give nothing to professional scribes to write nor spend any money on them; and I sent him off telling him to come early next morning in order to get from me in Memphis a quarter of an artaba of sesame and pound me a paste, as I wished to give it to someone to take to the city. But apparently as he had no time that day he has been ashamed to approach me. If that is the reason then and it is because of that matter that he has not come to me any more, being ashamed, reassure him and send him to me; for anyone may feel embarrassment. For by the gods I am anxious to know that the boy is not ill and I have no time to come up to you. But if he is keeping out of my sight for some other reason, understand clearly that if I come up to worship, I will not enter your door, but will lodge with Protarchus. Keep well . . .

{Addressed}   To Ptolemaeus.

papyrus 99

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