Select Papyri, 2.209


Greek text: BGU 1730
Date: =50 B.C. (?)

By decree of the king and queen. No one purchasing wheat or pulse from the nomes above Memphis shall carry it down to the low country or yet carry it up to the Thebaid on any pretext, though all may transport it to Alexandria free of question, on pain of being liable to death if detected. Whoever wishes shall inform the strategos of his nome about contraventions of this order, on the understanding that he shall receive the third part of the property of the person found guilty, or, if he be a slave, shall be freed and in addition receive the sixth part. Year 3, Phaophi 23. {Docketed} I, Horus, district scribe, acting through Onias, scribe, have posted up one copy of the foregoing decree. Year 3, Hathur [.]5.

papyrus 210

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