Select Papyri, 2.226


Greek text: POxy 58
Date:   A.D. 288.

Serbaeus Africanus to the strategoi of the epistrategia of Heptanomia and the Arsinoite nome greeting. It is apparent from the accounts alone that a number of persons wishing to batten on the estates of the Treasury have devised titles for themselves, such as administrators, secretaries, or superintendents, whereby they procure no advantage for the Treasury, but eat up the profits. It has therefore become necessary to send you instructions to cause a single superintendent of good standing to be elected for each estate on the responsibility of the senate concerned, and to put an end to the other offices, though the superintendent elected shall have power to choose two or at most three other persons to assist him in the superintendence. By this means the wasteful expenses will also be put an end to, and the estates of the Treasury will receive proper attention. You will of course make sure that only such persons are appointed to assist the superintendents as will be able to stand the test. Goodbye. The 5th which is also the 4th year, Thoth 16.

papyrus 227

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