Select Papyri, 2.227


Greek text: POxy 2106
Date: Early 4th cent. A.D.

... to the magistrates and senate of Oxyrhynchus and the logistes of the Oxyrhynchite nome greeting. The godlike and august fortune of our masters the Emperors and Caesars has commanded by a divine letter sent to me the purchase of gold from the province. Make it your care, as the matter brooks no delay, for the command is that all the gold is to be delivered at Nicomedia by the 4th of Thoth, to collect within 30 days, that is, by the 5th of Mesore, herein again displaying your devotion, 38 pounds only, from each according to his means, and bring them to the illustrious city of Alexandria ; let them be conveyed by you the logistes and one of your number who holds the first place in the magistracy, and let assistance be given you in this contribution by those who deal with the . . . material and those who are best able, but strangers are not to be importuned unless they have established their homes here and have not yet been senators and happen to be well-to-do. Ten myriads for each pound shall be paid to the contributors by the sacred Treasury. And in order that the price may be paid to them on the spot in ready money, I have sent word to my lord and brother the most eminent catholicus to give orders himself to the overseers to do this. I pray for your health.

{Followed by Latin.}

papyrus 228

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