Select Papyri, 2.241


Original text: PRyl 77 L.32-47
Date: A.D. 192.

Copy of minutes. . . ., there being present at the tribunal from the magistrates in office Dius, gymnasiarch, and Dionysius also called . . ., exegetes, Olympiodorus, advocate, Apollonius son of Heraclapollon, ex-gymnasiarch, and Achilles son of Cornelius, the townsmen standing by cried out, Let Achilles be crowned as cosmetes ; imitate your father, the man of public spirit, the old champion, whereupon Achilles said : "In compliance with the wish of my native city I offer to undertake the office of a crowned exegetes on the condition that I contribute an annual sum of two talents and am freed from the superintendence of land under lease." Olympiodorus said : " The fortune of our lord the Emperor provides offices abundantly and augments the prosperity of the city ; how could it be otherwise under the charming praefecture of Larcius Memor ? If then Achilles wishes to be crowned as exegetes, let him forthwith pay the initial contribution ; if he does not, he has nonetheless nominated himself for the office immediately required, that of cosmetes." Achilles said : "I engaged to undertake the office of exegetes on the condition that I should contribute two talents yearly ; for I am not able to support the office of cosmetes." Olympiodorus said : After engaging to undertake the greater office he ought not to evade the lesser. Ammonion son of Dioscorus, interrupting, said : All through this day Achilles struck me, and I will certify these very facts by means of your minutes, because I am petitioning the most illustrious praefect concerning the insult. Achilles said : "I neither struck him nor insulted him." Sarapion also called Apollonius, strategos, said : What you have said has been recorded, but the cosmetae shall also be summoned in order that you may repeat the same statements in their presence. After a while Diogenes and Dioscorus and their fellow cosmetae came forward at the Caesareum in the presence of Achilles, making one of them their spokesman ; and he, Diogenes, said : We have learned that in our absence Achilles proposed himself for the office of exegetes. But this was not permissible ; for the most divine Antoninus ordained by edict that no one may become an exegetes without three designated successors ; so, as there are many designated successors, he ought to pass on to the office immediately required ; in proof of which I will read you the edict. When he had read a copy of the edict of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Caesar, Aspidas father of Hermias the ex-cosmetes, being present, said : On my personal responsibility I crown Achilles for the office of cosmetes. Olympiodorus said : We have now the declaration of Aspidas that he crowns him on his own responsibility ; and he ought to be crowned, for the office is now safeguarded for the city. The strategos ordered the statements to be entered on the minutes.

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