Select Papyri, 2.246


Greek text: BGU 15
Date:   A.D. 191.

From the minutes of his excellency Julius Quintianus the epistrategos. The second year of Lucius Septimius Severus Pertinax Augustus, Mesore 2. Extract : Pekusis son of Apunchis having been summoned and having appeared, Diadelphus, advocate, said : If it seem good to you, summon the village scribe of Nilopolis whom my client accuses. When he had been summoned and failed to appear, Artemidorus, strategos, said : Nilopolis has no village scribe, but only elders who are acting as deputies. Diadelphus, advocate, said : Orders have been given by successive praefects that every individual is to be restricted to service in his own village and not transferred from one village to another. Now because the village scribe has a spite against my client, he has nominated him, though collector of money taxes in his own village, for another service (elsewhere). He begs you, and he is ready to read the orders, not to let him be removed from his own village to a strange one. Quintianus said : The strategos will decide, referring to me any question which he finds to be my concern.

papyrus 247

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