Select Papyri, 2.247


Greek text:   PHib 30   L.13-26
Date:   Before 270 B.C.

. . ., decurion of the troop of Alexander, to Perdiccas, Macedonian, ... of the troop of Alexander, (notifying you) that you owe me by a contract . . . drachmas, for which Antigonus son of Limnaeus is surety, and that though frequently asked by me for this sum you still fail to repay it and refused to acknowledge the debt to the collector, wherefore I am taking legal proceedings against you for principal and interest amounting to 1050 drachmas ; the assessment of damages is 1050 drachmas. Witnesses of the summons : Caphysius (?), Coan, private of the troop of Alexander, and . . . laus son of Menon, Thracian of the Epigone. The . . , year, in the priesthood of Philiscus son of Spoudaeus, the l4th of the month. . . . The case will be presented against you in writing in the court at Heracleopolis in your presence . . .

{Signed}   Through Epimenes.

papyrus 248

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