Select Papyri, 2.251


Greek text: POxy 1880
Date:   A.D. 427.

The year after the consulship of our masters Theodosius for the 12th time and Valentinianus for the 2nd time, the eternal Augusti, Phamenoth 1. To the officium of the princeps of his eminence my lord the most magnificent governor of the province, Flavius Demetrianus Maximus, with the co-operation of Paul the singularis, from Aurelius Cyrus son of Leontius, trader, of the great city Alexandria, now doing business here in the illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus. I approached his said eminence by presenting a libellus or petition in which I accused Nestorius son of Nestorius, himself an Alexandrian and a trader, concerning a debt ; and since he has been brought forward and has given me satisfaction, I accordingly have henceforth no claim against him, nor do I nor will I accuse him on this account, and I hereby agree, swearing by God the Almighty and the piety of our all-conquering masters Theodosius and Valentinianus the eternal Augusti, to abide by all that is herein written and in no wise to transgress it ; and for security I have made this acquittance, written in a single copy, and in answer to the formal question I gave my consent.

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Cyrus son of Leontius . . ., have made the acquittance and swore the divine oath, and I will do as aforesaid. {Endorsed} Acquittance from Cyrus, trader of Alexandria, to Nestorius.

papyrus 252

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