Select Papyri, 2.252


Greek text: POxy 1881
Date:   A.D. 427.

The year after the consulship of our masters Theodosius for the 12th time and Valentinianus for the 2nd time, the eternal Augusti, Phamenoth 17. To the officium of the princeps of his eminence my lord the most illustrious praeses of the eparchy of Arcadia, with the co-operation of Ptolemaeus and Paul, singulares and exsecutores, from Aurelius Pausirius and Aurelius Horion, sons of Horona . . ., the said Horion speaking on behalf of Onnophrius son of Onnophrius in accordance with the written instructions given to him, both of the village of Senokomis in the Oxyrhynchite nome. Cyrus, of the great city, trader, having by presentation of a libellus appealed to his said eminence, my lord the most illustrious praeses, Flavius Demetrianus Maximus, and accused us concerning a debt, and the decision having been notified to us, desiring us either to arrange terms or to come into court, we accordingly relying on our rights have proceeded to the proper counterplea, invoking the judgement of your immaculate court, in performance of the decision. Accordingly we agree on our mutual security, swearing by God Almighty and the piety of our all-conquering masters Flavius Theodosius and Flavius Valentinianus the eternal Augusti, that we will forthwith make the voyage to the officium wherever the court is held, and will plead our cause against our aforesaid adversary and not abandon it until the case has been brought to a conclusion, so that we may be free from any blame. This counterplea, of which there is a single copy, is valid, and in answer to the formal question I gave my consent.

{Signed}   We, Aurelius Pausirius and Aurelius Horion, sons of Horona . . ., of Senokomis, have made this counterplea and sworn the divine oath and will act as aforesaid. I, Aurelius Heraclas son of Gaianus, wrote on their behalf, as they are illiterate. {Subscribed} Executed by me, . . .

{Endorsed}   Counterplea of Pausirius and his brother Horion, of Senokomis.

papyrus 253

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