Select Papyri, 2.261


Greek text:   PStrass 22   L.10-24
Date:   A.D. 207.

Before the former praefect Subatianus Aquila, on Phamenoth 17 of the 15th year. Sabinus and Maximus Dionysius having been called and having answered the summons, in the course of the proceedings Aquila said : What reply do you make with regard to the period of possession, which is alleged to have been nearly fourteen years from the date of the sale made by Tausorapis, and with regard to your silence during this time ? Asclepiades, advocate, said : We admit the fact. Aquila said : "There are rescripts of our emperors concerning parties who live in the provinces, to the effect that if the possession is transferred elsewhere by someone who has rightful, even if transitory, grounds for entering into it, should the party who considers himself to be the owner remain silent and make no objection for more than ten years, the claim of the holders shall be confirmed.

papyrus 262

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