Select Papyri, 2.271


Greek text: PTeb 776
Date: Early 2nd cent. B.C.

To Ptolemaeus, oikonomos, from Senesis daughter of Menelaus, inhabitant of Oxyrhyncha in the division of Polemon. I lived with Didymus son of Peteimouthes, an inhabitant of the said village, on the terms of an Egyptian alimentary silver contract for [.]1 gold pieces in accordance with the laws of the country, and for this sum and for my maintenance all his property, including a house in the aforesaid village, was pledged. Wishing to deprive me of this the accused, approaching the inhabitants of the said village one by one, for a time desired to alienate it ; but as they did not venture because I did not concur, he has subsequently contrived so as to give it to the Treasury in surety for Heracleides, tax-farmer, and thus thinks to exclude me from my rights. I therefore, being a defenceless woman, beg and request you not to suffer me to be deprived of what is pledged for my dowry through the misbehaviour of the accused, but, if it be your pleasure, to order a letter to be written to Ptolemaeus the epimeletes forbidding him to accept in surety the house of the said Didymus. If this is done, I shall receive your succour. Farewell.

papyrus 271A

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