Select Papyri, 2.288


Greek text: BGU 1022
Date:   A.D. 196.

To their excellencies the senate of the citizens of Antinoe, Neo-Hellenes, from Lucius Valerius Lucretianus, of the Matidian tribe and the Plotinian deme, and Lucius Longinus Herennius, of the Paulinian tribe and the Megalisian deme. You are not unaware, excellencies, that we were exempted from all compulsory services in other districts by order of the deified Hadrianus, founder and colonizer of our city. Seeing therefore that during our presence at the village of Philadelphia in the division of Heracleides in the Arsinoite nome, where we own land, at the time of payment of public dues the village scribe of the aforesaid village, Aphrodas son of Theon, arbitrarily gave in our names for the transport of corn in spite of the edict, we are obliged, gentlemen, to have recourse to you, requesting you, if you approve, to report to his excellency the epistrategos, Calpurnius Concessus, about this matter, in order that in accordance with the rights which we possess he may command that other persons be appointed instead of us and that the offender be called to account for what he has dared to do and that we be protected against further molestation. Farewell. The 4th year of the Emperor Caesar Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax Augustus Arabicus Adiabenicus, Mesore 20.

{Signed}   I, Lucius Valerius Lucretianus have presented this, and I wrote for Herennius, as he is illiterate.

papyrus 289

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