Select Papyri, 2.292


Greek text: POxy 2130
Date:   A.D. 267.

To the board of gymnasiarchs of the city of Oxyrhynchus through the deputy-prytanis Aurelius Sarapion also called Philoxenus, ex-gymnasiarch, from Aurelius Sarapion also called Serenus, ex-gymnasiarch, ex-prytanis, superintendent of the stemmata, senator of the illustrious city of Antinoe, and however I am styled, through Aurelius Gaianus, agent. In opposition to the nomination, in which my name was concerned, of whatever kind it might be, pertaining to the office of gymnasiarch, which was made by some illegality in a list read before you, as I learn, on the 30th of last month at a meeting of the senate, I immediately presented to you a petition of appeal to his excellency the epistrategos Aelius Faustus, ducenarius, and since it was not accepted I deposited it in the local Sebasteum at the divine feet of our lord the Emperor Gallienus Augustus to be forwarded by the resident officer to his highness the praefect Juvenius Genealis, giving a copy also to the resident officer himself ; and now too I beg that in accordance with orders the legal opinion be issued to me declaring the reason why you have not accepted the petition of appeal, in order that the consequent steps may be taken. The 11th year of the Emperor Caesar Publius Licinnius Gallienus Germanicus Maximus Persicus Maximus Pius Felix Augustus, Phamenoth 20. Presented by me, Aurelius Sarapion, through me, Gaianus.

papyrus 293

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