Select Papyri, 2.298


Greek text:   PGies 41 ,   P.Brem. 15   ( CPJ 443, 446 )
Date:   A.D. 117 & 118

Letter B (not included in the original collection) refers to the building work required to repair the damage reported in A. The translation is taken from J. Muir, "Life and Letters in the Ancient Greek World", p. 45.

[A]   To his excellency the praefect Rammius Martialis from Apollonius, strategos of the Apollonopolite-Heptacomia nome, greeting. I append a copy of the letter which I have already written to you, my lord praefect, concerning leave, in order that, if it please your fortune, you may grant me sixty days to put my affairs in order, especially now that I think . . . I pray for your health, my lord praefect. The . . year of the Emperor Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Choiak 2.

To his excellency the praefect Rammius Martialis from Apollonius, strategos of the Apollonopolite-Heptacomia nome, greeting . . . For not only are my affairs in an utterly neglected condition by reason of my long absence, but also, owing to the rising of the impious Jews, almost all my property in the villages of the Hermopolite nome and in the metropolis has been . . . and requires to be re-established by me. If therefore you accede to my request, having put my affairs in order as far as possible I shall be able to take up my duties as strategos in better heart.

[B]   Herodes to the respected Apollonios, greetings.   You are not altogether unaware of the urgent carpentry-work for the shrine and the guest-room. Because of this we were hard put to it to set in place the doors of the bedroom in the hall as per the agreement on the second of the intercalary days. And at my suggestion your steward is minded to agree to the two doors of the dining-room and the porch so that the work can be done without difficulty and not on the daily invoices. For the beam has been sawn for this.   Because of his daughter's death, he has halted the work until the mourning is over and also to reduce his public commitments. So, sir, I ask you to let me go to visit my brother on Hieracion's boat for these workless days, since I shall not be able to go on foot to those parts . . . because those parts have been devastated and the lack of . . . businessmen invited to go to Memphis for an assessment, so that, having seized this good opportunity, I may find out what Hieracion is doing. The journey takes two days. I said a prayer for you at the festival of Isis on her birthday-night and I further prayed that you should enjoy most prosperous success.   Farewell, sir. The 1st of Thoth.

{Addressed}   To the respected Apollonios.

papyrus 299

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