Select Papyri, 2.300


Greek text: POxy 1202
Date:   A.D. 217.

To his excellency Aurelius Severus, deputy-epistrategos, from Aurelius Ptolemaeus son of Sempronius son of Lucius, his mother being Tliaesis, of Oxyrhynchus. It has been the custom since the institution of the contest for ephebes which we acquired as a gift from our lords Severus and the great Antoninus that the district-scribes of the city for the time being should, as the contest of each year approaches, submit and publish a list of those about to become ephebes, in order that each should assume the status of ephebe at the proper season. Since therefore the present district-scribe, Aurelius Sarapion, in the list lately published by him of those who are auspiciously about to become ephebes, has, perhaps in ignorance, omitted my son Aurelius Polydeuces who is an incipient ephebe and on the roll of our gymnasium, having reached the age of fourteen years in the 25th year and passed the examination, in accordance with his age and parentage, for admittance to membership of the gymnasium in the same 25th year, I perforce have recourse to you, requesting that my son too may be entered on the list of the ephebes in the same way as his companions, that so I may obtain relief. Farewell.

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Ptolemaeus, have presented this petition.

papyrus 301

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