Select Papyri, 2.313


Greek text: PTeb 322
Date:   A.D. 189.

Signed by me, Apollonius also called Diogenes.

To Ammonias, strategos of the division of Heracleides in the Arsinoite nome, and to Harpocration also called Hierax, royal scribe of the same division, and to Mystes and Heron, ex-scribes of the metropolis, from Achilles son of Apollonius son of Lurius also called Apollonius, registered as a katoikos, and already returned through another memorandum. I own in the Moeris quarter a share of a house and open-air hall and courtyard and exedra, in which I further return the following occupants for the house-to-house census of the past 28th year of Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Caesar the lord, being inhabitants of the metropolis registered in the Syrian quarter, in which they were also returned in the house-to-house census of the 14th year. They are Pasigenes son of Theon son of Eutyches, subject to poll-tax, donkey-driver, aged 61 years, and his son Eutychus by Apollonous daughter of Herodes, aged 30, and the wife of Pasigenes, Heracleia daughter of Cronion, freedwoman of Didymus son of Heron, of the Treasuries' quarter, aged 40, and the daughter of both, Thasis, aged 5, and the children of Heracleia, Sabinus son of Sabinus son of Cronion, subject to poll-tax, wool-carder, aged 18, and Sarapias, aged 22, returned in the former census in the Treasuries' quarter, and the wife of Eutyches, who is his sister on the father's side, Tapesouris daughter of Isidora, aged 18. I accordingly present this statement. Tapesouris owns in the Moeris quarter a sixth share of a house, inherited from her mother. The 29th year of Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Caesar the lord, 4th intercalary day of Mesore

{Subscribed}   Recorded with the strategos, year 29, 4th intercalary day of Mesore. Recorded with the royal scribe on the same day. Recorded with the scribes of the metropolis on the same day.

papyrus 314

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