Select Papyri, 2.342


Greek text: BGU 18
Date:   A.D 169.

Copy of announcement. Serenus, royal scribe of the division of Heracleides in the Arsinoite nome, acting as strategos. To be assessors of unsold lands, in place of Gaius Julius Ptollis, Aniarantus son of Hestiaeus, Heron surnamed Kudacmon, and Diodorus son of Theogeiton, who have all four completed the prescribed period, and of Anubion son of Heron and Demetrius son of Souchammon, both stated to be deceased, the underwritten persons have been nominated by the scribes of the city as well-to-do and suitable for public duties. They are ordered to take up the task entrusted to them honestly and faithfully so as not to incur blame in any respect. Signed by me. The 9th year of Aurelius Antoninus Caesar the lord Armeniacus Medicus Parthicus Maximus, Mesore 17. The list is : Gaius Julius Apollinarius owning land at Karanis, having property worth 4000 drachmas ; Mysthes son of Cornelius owning land at Ptolemais Nea, having property worth 1 talent ; Antonius Heraclianus owning land at the hamlet of Nestus, likewise worth 4000 drachmas ; Gaius Julius Saturnilus owning land at Tanis, having property worth 4000 drachmas ; Ptolemaeus, however he is styled, public scribe of Pharbaetha, having property worth 4000 drachmas ; Pasion son of Petermouthis son of Petermouthis, of the Hellenion quarter, having property worth 4000 drachmas. Registered by me, Heron, special assistant, Mesore 20.

papyrus 343

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