Select Papyri, 2.346


Greek text: PSI 488
Date:   257 B.C.

To Apollonius the dioiketes greeting from Harmais. At the city of Memphis the various embankments measure 100 schoenia, being as follows : those of the Syro-Persian quarter 12 schoenia, of Paasu 7, those above the quay of Hephaestus and those below 4, those about the city together with the palace 23, those of the Carian quarter . . ., of the Hellenion 3, beyond Memphis those on the west of the royal garden 20 and on the east . . . and on the north 5 schoenia 30 cubits. For the heaping up of these embankments the sum given in the 28th year was 1 talent 5500 drachmas, when the rise of the river was 10 cubits 3 palms 11/6 finger-breadths, and in the 27th year the sum given was 1 talent 1300 drachmas, when the river rose 10 cubits 6 palms 22/3 finger-breadths. I now undertake to heap up the same embankments beginning from their bases to the height of a rise of 12 cubits, to the satisfaction of the oikonomos and the chief engineer, if I receive 1 talent from the Treasury. And according to the usual practice we shall be furnished with mattocks, which we will return. Farewell.

papyrus 347

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