Select Papyri, 2.370


Greek text: BGU 697
Date:   A.D. 145.

The ninth year of the Emperor Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, Tubi 3, through the bank of Sabinus in the Treasuries quarter. Ischyrion son of Aphrodisius and his fellow supervisors of the alum monopoly in the Arsinoite nome to Panouphis son of Tesenouphis and of Stotoetis, of the village of Socnopaei Nesus in the division of Heracleides, camel-driver, stating that he has received for the toll (paid by him) on the thirty light talents of alum which he transported from the Little Oasis to the Arsinoite nome through the toll-gate of Nunpou, at the rate of 1 drachma 3 obols per talent, 45 drachmas, and, as the said quantity equals 12 metal talents, for their transport, at the rate of 7 drachmas 3 obols, 90 drachmas, making altogether 135 drachmas. And Ischyrion has received from the supervisors in the Little Oasis through the above-mentioned camel-driver the 12 metal talents of alum . , . the customary 61/2 percentage. {Signed} I, Ischyrion, supervisor, and my associates have received the twelve metal talents of alum, equal to thirty light talents, for which we have paid the toll and the cost of transport.

papyrus 371

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