Select Papyri, 2.387


Greek text:   PAmh 107
Date:   A.D. 185.
To Damarion, strategos of the Hermopolite nome, from Antonius Justinus, duplicarius, dispatched by Valerius Frontinus, praefect of the ala Heracliana stationed at Coptos. I have had measured out to me by the elders of the village of Terton Epa in the upper Patemite district the proportion imposed upon their village from the twenty thousand artabas of barley which the most illustrious praefect Longaeus Rufus commanded to be bought up from the produce of the past 24th year for the requirements of the aforesaid ala, namely one hundred artabas of barley measured by the public receiving standard according to the measurement prescribed, total 100 artabas, in accordance with the division made by the officials of the nome. I have issued four copies of this receipt. The 25th year of the Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus Pius Armeniacus Medicus Parthicus Sarmaticus Germanicus Britannicus Maximus, Pauni. . .

{Signed}   I, Antonius Justinus, duplicarius, have had measured out to me the hundred artabas of barley, 100 artabas, as aforesaid.

papyrus 388

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