Select Papyri, 2.395


Greek text: BGU 1564
Date:   A.D. 138.

Copy of payment order. Ammonius son of Polydeuces, Syrion son of Heras, Heracleides son of Heracleides, all three receivers of clothing, and Hermes, ex-agoranomus, to Heracleides, banker, greeting. Pay to Heracleides son of Horigas, Heron freedman of Publius Maevius, and Dioscorus freedman of the most great god Sarapis, weavers of the village of Philadelphia, for themselves and the other weavers of the said village on their mutual security the following sums as advanced payment of the price of clothing forming part of that which was ordered by his excellency the praefect Avidius Heliodorus to be manufactured : for the requirements of the troops in Cappadocia, for one white belted tunic 31/2 cubits long, 3 cubits 4 fingers broad, weighing 33/4 minas, on account 24 drachmas, and for four white Syrian cloaks, each 6 cubits long, 4 cubits broad, weighing 33/4 minas, on account 24 drachmas a piece, making 96 drachmas, combined total 120 drachmas, and for the requirements of the sanatorium in the Imperial camp, for one plain white blanket 6 cubits long, 4 cubits broad, weighing 4 minas, on account 28 drachmas, total of the payment order 148 drachmas of silver ; but from the advance of 28 drachmas for the blankets 6 drachmas were deducted for the exchequer. It is understood that they will make the clothing of good, soft, pure white wool without any defilement, well woven, firm, well selvaged, satisfactory, undamaged, not worth less than the price paid to them in advance for the garments. If on the delivery any of these is missing or is judged to be of inferior value, they shall repay on their mutual security the price of the missing articles, together with the taxes and expenses, and the deficit of the inferior articles. And they shall deliver them promptly, having the aforesaid measurements and weights, apart from other public clothing which is due from them. The second year of the Emperor Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, Thoth 12.

papyrus 396

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