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Greek text: PTeb 89
Date: 113 B.C.

For year 4, from Menches, village scribe of Kerkeosiris. A preliminary account of the total receipts in corn for the said year, showing below the amounts collected up to Mesore 30. The land sown in the said year, including pastures, comprised 12033/4 arourai, of which the rent is 466711/12 artabas, with a further 71/2 artabas for the land under adjudication of the dioiketes, making a total of 12033/4 arourai and 46755/12 artabas. These are made up as follows : in wheat 16531/2 artabas, in barley the equivalent of 28771/4 artabas of wheat, in olyra the equivalent of 971/4, in copper the equivalent of 395/12; but calculated on the sowings the amounts are : in wheat 37941/3, in barley 5565/6 equivalent to 3341/6 of wheat, in copper the equivalent of 395/12, in lentils 500 artabas. Towards this the following amounts have been delivered in the village to Ammonius and Heracleides the sitologi for its area, whose accounts have been countersigned : Pharmouthi 1 to 10, for rent 2021/2 artabas of wheat, 5033/4 of barley ; 11 to 20, for rent 7041/2 of wheat, 53 of barley ; 21 to 30, for rent 8051/2 of wheat ; total for the month, for rent 17121/2 of wheat, 5563/4 of barley. . . . Mesore 1 to 10, for rent 1993/4 of lentils. The wheat delivered amounts to 38015/6 artabas, barley to 5563/4 equivalent to 3341/6 of wheat, lentils to 500, making a total, calculated in wheat, of 4636. And there has been paid in copper the equivalent of 395/12. Of the amounts collected from Pharmouthi 1 to Mesore 30 the total, calculated in wheat, is 46755/12 artabas.

papyrus 399

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