Select Papyri, 2.410


Greek text:   PCairZen 59036
Date:   257 B.C.

Apollodotus to Charmides greeting. I have written below for you copies of my letters to Xanthippus. Interview him therefore, and with regard to the 2465 drachmas find out how he wishes to settle, and if he desires to pay the money to you, take it from him and pay to Medeius the sum of 2000 drachmae, which Straton the keeper of the chest at Halicarnassus had given from the proceeds of the medical tax to Antipater the agent of Xanthippus for the ship of which Xanthippus is trierarch, and send over to me the 465 drachmas 2 obols 2 chalkoi, giving them to someone to carry guaranteed against risk, and with regard to the 3000 drachmas see to it that he pays them to Apollonius as I have sent word to him. Goodbye. Year 28, Apellaeus 27.

Apollodotus to Xanthippus greeting. If you are well in body and other things are satisfactory, it would be as I desire. I myself am well. I wrote to you before that I have given, through Perigenes, for the ship of which you are trierarch 2000 dr. to Antipater who is sailing in charge of the ship, requesting you therefore either, if it so please you, to pay this sum, together with the 465 dr. 2 ob. 2 ch. given to Hecatonymus for the nine-oar, to Medeius to the account of the medical tax or, if you choose, to write to Hicesius to refund it to me out of the ship's equipment account (?) ; but as you have sent no word, I thought it better to write to you again about this affair. You will oblige me therefore by sending word how you wish to make the payment, in order that we may enter it accordingly. If you like to pay the money to Charmides my agent who is delivering this letter to you, do so. Goodbye.

Apollodotus to Xanthippus greeting. Besides the 2000 dr. of which I have written to you in the other letter, I have given to Antipater, who is acting for you as trierarch of the nine-oar, a further 3000 dr., which you have to make good to Apollonius the dioiketes. You will oblige me then by giving an order to pay him in accordance with the following note. Goodbye. Owed by Xanthippus to Apollonius : the sum of 3000 dr. which Apollodotus paid in Halicarnassus through the bank of Sopolis to Antipater who is in charge of the nine-oar of Xanthippus, being the sum paid in on Peritius 8 of year 27 by the treasurers of Halicarnassus in the magistracy of Demetrius and forming the crown for the king, for which Apollonius made himself responsible to Epicydes, which sum Xanthippus shall have to pay to Apollonius in Alexandria guaranteed against risk.

{Addressed}   To Charmides.

{Docketed}   Copies of the letters to Xanthippus.

papyrus 411

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