Select Papyri, 2.422


Greek text:   PFamTebt 15   Fr 5rp
Date:   A.D. 103.

Copy of a letter. Minicius Italus to Diogenes, Dionysius, and Apollonius, strategoi of the Arsinoite nome, greeting. His excellency Classicus the procurator of our lord has informed me that the property record-office of the nome is unfit for its purpose and that the documents stored in it are disappearing and are most of them unfindable. He says that he has selected in your presence another site which is suitable and that a computation has been made of the money to be spent on the rebuilding, amounting to three thousand two hundred and eighty-two drachmas three obols. In order therefore that these most necessary documents may not be neglected, I wish you to set to work at once on the construction, and as for those of more ancient date which he says are partly destroyed and have been sealed up, as no one is able to make formal delivery of them, because the persons who were in charge of them have long been dead, I wish you to transfer them to the building which I now order to be constructed and draw up a list in presence of the persons concerned and file the list. I wish you good health. The sixth year of the Emperor Caesar Nerva Trajanus Germanicus, Pachon 24.

papyrus 423

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