Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 284


Greek text:   Erythrai_34   ( I.Ery. 503 )
Date:     c. 300-280 B.C.
Tags:     tyrants
Format:   see key to translations

For the date of this inscription, see D.Teegarden, "Death to Tyrants!", pp.159-162 ( Google Books ).   The translation of part A is by John Ma,, in "The City as Memory".

[A]   Resolved by the council and the people {of Erythrai}; proposal of Zoïlos son of Chiades. Since the oligarchs removed the sword from the likeness produced by the statue of Philites the tyrant-slayer, in the belief that the pose of the statue was entirely directed against them; in order that the people be seen to take great care of, and to remember, those living or dead who have done good to it; with good fortune, be it resolved by the people: let the exetastai in office contract out the work, after making an inquest with the public architect, in order that the statue be restored as it was before; let the monthly treasurer serve their needs; and let the agoranomoi take care that the statue be free from patina and crowned always on the first day of the month and on the other holidays.

[B]   Resolved by the council and the people; proposal of Zoïlos son of Chiades. Since in the previous decree the agoranomos was instructed to take care of the of the appearance of the statue of Philites, so it may be crowned and be resplendent, but the agoranomos says that he does not have the funds to do this; with good fortune it is resolved by the council and the people, that the monthly treasurers shall give money for the cost of it in this year, and the agoranomos shall take care of it; but in the future the [agoranomoi] when they sell contracts shall add [the construction] of the crowns . . .

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