Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 307


Greek text:   Iasos_16   ( I.Iasos 30 ) ,   IG_4.1.616
Date:     333-323 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

For Gorgos and Minnion, see also Syll_312. The translation of the beginning of decree A follows the text suggested by P.Nigdelis, "From the Coast of Ionia to Mount Athos", page 59 ( ). The reference to the "small sea" has given rise to much debate amongst scholars; see E.Lytle, "Ἡ θάλασσα κοινή: Fishermen, the Sea, and the Limits of Ancient Greek Regulatory Reach", pp.16-19 ( ).

[A]   [On the sixth day] of the month of Poseideon, when Gorgos son of Theodotos [was stephanephoros]; Theodotos son of Demetrius [was president]; as recommended by the archons . . . son of Artimidoros, D... son of Iatrokles, Ap... son of Sannaios, Pant... son of Aristokrates; [it was resolved by the council] and [the people: since] Gorgos and Minnion have acted nobly concerning the government of the state, and assisted many of the citizens individually; and by talking to Alexandros about the "small sea", they have recovered the sea and have restored it to the people; therefore they and their descendants shall be granted freedom from taxes and privileged seating at games, for all time; this decree shall be inscribed in the vestibule in front of the magistrates' office.

[B]   { The following verse inscription from Epidauros honours the same Gorgos; translated by M.Dillon & L.Garland in "Ancient Greece: Social and Historical Documents", 15.40. }
For the sake of good and god-wrought [ordinances], Gorgos,
For your son and yourself immortal [thanks] is given
By vine-clad Epidauros. [You, sprung from Iasos,]
Were nourished and [taught] the deeds [of war]
By much-praised Kos, [seat] of the Meropes, [and were shown to be]
[A servant always] loyal to the godlike king {Alexander}.

inscription 308

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