Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 312


Greek text:   Samos 35   ( I.G. )
Date:   soon after 321 B.C.
Tags:     exiles
Format:   see key to translations

Many of the Samians were expelled from their land in 365 B.C., when the island was captured by the Athenians. They were finally restored by Perdiccas in 321 B.C., after the Athenians were defeated in the Lamian War.

Resolved by the council and the people, on the proposal of Epikourus the son of Drakon. Since Gorgos and Minneon of Iasos, the sons of Theodotos, have given excellent service to the Samians in their exile; and Gorgos, when he was staying with Alexandros, showed great goodwill and eagerness towards the Samian people, urging that the Samians should be brought back to their homeland as soon as possible; and after Alexandros announced in the camp that he was giving Samos back to the Samians, as the other Greeks offered crowns to Alexandros on this account, so Gorgos offered a crown; and Gorgos sent a message to the magistrates at Iasos, urging that the Samians dwelling in Iasos should be allowed, when they returned to their homeland, to take away their belongings without charge, the cost of their passage being paid by the city of Iasos; and now it is announced that Gorgos and Minion are doing all that they can to benefit the Samian people; therefore the people have resolved that citizenship on equal and similar terms shall be granted to them and their descendants, and they shall be assigned to a tribe and a 'thousand' and a 'hundred' and a family, and they shall be enrolled in whatever family they are allotted, just like the other Samians; and the five men who are appointed shall supervise the enrollment. This decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele and placed in the temple of Hera; and the steward shall arrange this.

inscription 313

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