Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 315


Greek text:   IG_2².387
Date:     319/8 B.C.
Tags:     democracy
Format:   see key to translations

After Polyperchon was appointed regent of Macedonia, the Athenians moved quickly to demonstrate their support for him. A month or two after this decree, Alexandros the son of Polyperchon arrived in Attica and and facilitated the restoration of full democracry.

When [Apollodoros] was archon, in the seventh prytany, with Aphobetos [of Kothokidai] as secretary; Eukadmos [of Kollytos] was the registrar; as proposed by Ktesias of . . ., the son of Chionides, with the good fortune of the Athenian people: concerning the matters that Polyperchon has sent envoys to us, asking that Sonikos and Eukles should be made Athenian citizens, because Polyperchon indicates that they have been kindly disposed towards [the Athenian people], and have done all the good favours that they could . . . and Erasippos . . .

inscription 316

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