Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 322


Greek text:   Miletos_103 , 104 , 106 , 107 , 108 , 109 , 110   ( I.Milet. 3.122-128 )
Date:   335/4 B.C. and subsequent years
Tags:     autonomy ,   democracy ,   freedom ,   lists
Format:   see key to translations

This list of names is a remarkable monument of civic pride, which was was first set up in 335/4 B.C. and then continually updated through the centuries, until the time of the Roman empire. The stephanephoroi, sometimes called aisymnetai, were the the eponymous annual magistrates of Miletos, and so the list, as well as commemorating the men who held office, can serve as a guide to the chronology of the city, although it contains no explicit dates - the equivalent Julian years (B.C. unless otherwise stated), which are shown in green, have been supplied by modern scholars. The dates in part A may actually be three years later than stated, according to P.J.Rhodes, ZPE 157 (2006), page 116. The dates in part C have been moved six years upwards, as first proposed by M.Wörrle, Chiron (1988), pp.431-7.

Historians are especially interested in those years when the Milesians did not appoint a stephanephoros, maybe because there were no willing candidates, and as a result "Apollo son of Zeus" had to step in and take charge - for instance, when the Gauls were devastating Asia Minor in 276/5 B.C. For some comments on the list, see R.K.Sherk, ZPE 93 (1992), page 231 ( PDF ).

The list is made up of several different inscriptions, and all the surviving sections are shown here. The spelling of the names varies through the centuries: it starts off being very Ionic, but by the late 4th century B.C. it has become much closer to "standard" Greek spelling. Some of the spellings have been changed in this translation, in particular:

[A] These presided over the singers:

Hegesianax son of Anaxidemos   [ 525/4 ]
Liatos son of Bremmis
Anaxandros son of Mandrodikos
Aristolochos son of Euagoras
Themistagoras son of Demetrios
Hekatokles son of Anaximandros
Hekataios son of Themisthomandros
Hegesianax son of Phaidimos
Bion son of Astykrates
Kyzikes son of Archeanax

Hikesios son of Simos   [ 515/4 ]
Hikesios son of Anaximandros
Mandrodikos son of Timagoras
Molpis son of Hierex
Maiandrios son of Parthenios
Hekataios son of Hekatokles
Pherekles son of Prexianax
Dionysios son of Anaximandros
Astyanax son of Pythomandros
Aristagoras son of Kleidikos

Diogoras son of Diokreon   [ 505/4 ]
Timagoras son of Diagoras
Nympharetos son of Hegestratos
Dionysios son of Timas
Athenagoras son of Timesianax
Artemon son of Pythomandros
Hekatonymos son of Maiandrios
Daphnis son of Molpagoras
Hekataios son of Mandragoras
Leontis son of Anaxandros

Hekataios son of Hermokrates   [ 495/4 ]
Hekatonymos son of Sokras
Demetrios son of Thrasykles
Leanax son of Molpagoras
Theodoros son of Mandragoras
Philetairos son of Apellas
Aristokrates son of Pherekles
Pythomandros son of Artemon
Molpagoras son of Mandragoras
Hekatonymos son of Zenes

Timokrates son of Hegestratos   [ 485/4 ]
Hermonax son of Anaxilas
Diagoras son of Artemon
Anaximandros son of Pytheios
Hipparchos son of Anaximandros
Semagoras son of Phaidimos
Charopinos son of Mandronaktides
Diogenes son of Neomas
Molpis son of Theoges
Automedon son of Tharsagoras

Hypsonax son of Pasis   [ 475/4 ]
Demophon son of Philtas
Mandrodikos son of Apollodoros
Kallithemis son of Sadyattes
Philtas son of Oiïetes
Diogenes son of Anapsyxis
Tharsagoras son of Diophantos
Glaukos son of Molpagoras
Artemon son of Zogas
Myonides son of Timagoras

Aischros son of Polyarchos   [ 465/4 ]
Archembrotos son of Anaxagoras
Thrasykles son of Demetrios
Dionysios son of Massarabis
Aristokrates son of Protarchos
Dionysios son of Apollonides
Aischros son of Agatharchos
Thrasyboulides son of Poseidonios
Alkmeon son of Hipparchos
Histiaios son of Hikesios

Leontis son of Theodoros   [ 455/4 ]
Lysas son of Skythas
Phanodikos son of Anaximandros
Anaximandros son of Pherekles
Neomenios son of Bion
Philtas son of Dionysios
Stesileōs son of Eurypylos
Histiaios son of Simon
Timesianax son of Protagoras
Peisistratos son of Agenor

Thrason son of Antileon   [ 445/4 ]
Molpagoras son of Hekatonymos
Polydoneus son of Tiaimos
Leomedon son of Athenagoras
Phyleus son of Molpagoras
Arkas son of Phanodikos
Theraios son of Diognetos
Polygethes son of Moiris
Eudemos son of Aristodemos
Proxeinos son of Diomandros

Kritoboulos son of Aristokrates   [ 435/4 ]
Alkmeonides son of Aristokrates
Hegetor son of Anaxagoras
Pedieus son of Charopinos
Anaxidemos son of Kallithemis
Telephos son of Euagoras
Diognetos son of Theraios
Archeleōs son of Myonides
Autophon son of Hekatonymos
Kteson son of Ktesios

Demodokos son of Mandrippos   [ 425/4 ]
Theodoros son of Anaxithemis
Theodoros son of Leontis
Alkmeon son of Andrios
Liatos son of Hekataios
Diomedon son of Iētragoras
Sadyattes son of Kallithemis
Athenippos son of Polygethes
Diokreon son of Demetrios
Hippothous son of Philon

Oiētes son of Aristothemis   [ 415/4 ]
Enteus son of Epidaurios
Hegemon son of Eudemos
Orthonous son of Ageleōs
Athenagoras son of Leomedon
Euktos son of Hegetor
Kydalimos son of Ekdelos
Timopolis son of Hephaistios
Alkmeon son of Diokles
Damon son of Charmas   Thersippos son of Maiandrius

Eudemos son of Hegemon   [ 404/3 ]
Lysagoras son of Echeboulos
Aischros son of Hegesandrides
Eudelos son of Ekdelos
Autokles son of Kritos
Onomakles son of Deinostratos
Eubotion son of Pedieus
Hekataios son of Leomedon
Megakles son of Megaklos
Prokles son of Megareus

Pelagon son of Aïon   Mnesilochos son of Demetrios   [ 393/2 ]
Diogenes son of Diognetos
Baton son of Theodoros
Euktimenos son of Euktitos
Ktesias son of Demetrios
Platthis son of Dias
Xenarchides son of Gastron
Neon son of Alexandros
Bion son of Theodoros
Theron son of Antileon

Hegelochos son of Protagoras   [ 383/2 ]
Boutalinos son of Rhoikos
Demosthenes son of Telygetos
Parthenopaios son of Pythis
Lykippos son of Hekataios
Histikon son of Hekataios
Metrobios son of Hekatodoros
Sibyrtios son of Diagoras
Isarchos son of Pisstagoras
Prokritos son of Aglomandros

Kleokrates son of Demopeithes   [ 373/2 ]
Molpeus son of Heragorides
Leoptinous son of Leontides
Eukrates son of Lampon
Demetrios son of Ktesias
Phyrson son of Sostratos
Epikrates son of Baton
Herakleitos son of Leonteus
Platon son of Euainetos
Damasistratos son of Simos

Deïlochos son of Sadyattes   [ 363/2 ]
Phormion son of Anaxidemos
Nannichos son of Bion
Gorgos son of Antileon
Achaios son of Antileon
Alkimachos son of Pytharetos
Euandrides son of Anaxandros
Nikophon son of Telleus
Demeas son of Apatourios
Hippostratos son of Maiandrios

Dionysios son of Demonomos   [ 353/2 ]
Charopinos son of Molpinos
Lykourgos son of Xenarchides
Histikon son of Kleisippos
Philistidas son of Alexandros
Aichylinos son of Eupolis
Nossos son of Hekatodoros
Leontiskos son of Leosthenes
Babon son of Polyxenos
Kleitagoras son of Kleitonymos

Kallaischros son of Aischros   [ 343/2 ]
Hermophantos son of Aristagoras
Leagros son of Demouchos
Leukippos son of Glaukippos
Eurysthenes son of Hybristos
Sphodris son of Philinos
Chrysippos son of Glaukippos
Apollodotos son of Molpeus
Sotas son of Phanodikos
Alexandros son of Philippos

Andron son of Ktesias   [ 333/2 ]
Apollo son of Zeus
Histiaios son of Eaimenos
Apollo son of Zeus
Lykos son of Leon
Satyros son of Baton
Ornymenos son of Antiandros
Rhoikos son of Boutalinos
Protagoras son of Kallithemis
Leon son of Indos

Mnesitheos son of Mantitheos   [ 323/2 ]
Anaxandros son of Euandrides
Erasinos son of Therseus
Histiaios son of Nannichos
Eukrates son of Kreontides
Lochegos son of Philistidas
Theukrines son of Timarchides
Epameinon son of Lykos  
Pankratides son of Mnesitheos
Asandros son of Agathon

[B] These presided over the singers:

Hippomachos son of Theron - in his year [ 313/2 ], the city was made free and autonomous by Antigonos, and the democracy was restored
Apollo son of Zeus
Baukos son of Lykomedes
Metrodoros son of Antiphanes
Hippothon son of Hippeus
Anaxileōs son of Philiskos
Lykos son of Dexikrates
Aristodemos son of Parthenios
Antipatros son of Philiskos
Damon son of Dameas

Neon son of Alexandros   [ 303/2 ]
Pamphilos son of Parthenios
Kritoboulos son of Agasikrates
Athenaios son of Dameas
Apollo son of Zeus
Sosipolis son of Ariston
Aristagoras son of Stesileōs
Sosistratos son of Phanodikos
Demetrios son of Antigonos
Pantainos son of Pantainos

Demetrios son of Philistides   [ 293/2 ]
Philiskos son of Dexikrates
Strattis son of Nossos
Leon son of Molpagoras
Telesias son of Korinthios
Poseidippos son of Eupolis
Theodoros son of Baton
Metrodoros son of Sosistratos
Agasikrates son of Kritoboulos
Gorgos son of Antipatros

Alexippos son of Simos   [ 283/2 ]
Apollo son of Zeus
Eupolis son of Poseidippos
Antiochos son of Seleukos
Antenor son of Xenares - in his year, the territory was given to the people by king Ptolemaios
Leosthenes son of Leokestor
Poseidippos son of Poseidonios
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Aischylinos son of Theokrines

Alexandros son of Demetrios, son of Philistides   [ 273/2 ]
Simos son of Poseidippos
Poseidonios son of Theodektes
Lykophron son of Eudemos
Athenodoros son of Drymon
Zenon son of Demostratos
Aischylos son of Pantainos
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus

Apollo son of Zeus   [ 263/2 ]
Tachōs son of Gongylos
Peithenous son of Tharsagoras
Apollo son of Zeus

[C] [These presided over the singers: . . .]

Euxitheos . . .   [ 238/7 ]
Gryttos . . .
Athenagoras son of Alexandros
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Aischylinos son of Autophon
Antenor son of Euandrides
Protagoras son of Hegelochos

Melantas son of Nikolas   [ 228/7 ]
Alexandros son of Lochegos
Daïppos son of Samios
Aristippos son of Dionysios
Euktimenos son of Phormion
Echekrates son of Eudemos
Euandrides son of Antenor
Poseidonios son of Hegias
Demaratos son of Demaratos
Epikouros son of Euandrides

Epikrates son of Baton   [ 218/7 ]
Alexandros son of Athenagoras
Eudemos son of Thallion
Asklepiades son of Melas
Mnesitheos son of Hierokles
Hierokles son of Timeas
Apollodoros son of Metrophanes
Kritoboulos son of Kriton
Myonides son of Philippos
Menandros son of Thallion

Moschion son of Poseidippos   [ 208/7 ]
Minnion son of Pausimachos
Hekataios son of Phormion
Archelas son of Bion
Boēthos son of Poseidonios
Apollonios son of Hierokles
Apollo son of Zeus
Xenothemis son of Lampitos
Olympichos son of Aristoteles
Menestratos son of Anaxileōs

Apollo son of Zeus   [ 198/7 ]
Menalkes son of Megakles
Apollo son of Zeus
Autokles son of Babon
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus
Apollo son of Zeus

[D] These presided over the singers:

Apollo son of Zeus   [ 89/8 ]
Artemidoros son of Athenagoras
Apollo son of Zeus
King Mithradates
Apollonios son of Kallikrates - by birth son of Polites
Apollo son of Zeus
Epikrates son of Apollonios - adopted by Aischylos
Apollo son of Zeus
Pamphilos son of Eukrates
Antigonos son of Menodoros

Antiochos son of Antiochos son of Antiochos son of Eumenes   [ 79/8 ]
Pausanias son of Metrodoros
Menippos son of Menandros
Kallikrates son of Eumachos - by birth son of Megakles
Eukrates son of Eukrates son of Pamphilos
Philopoimen son of Andronikos
Demetrios son of Demetrios son of Herodes
Kallikrates son of Apollonios
Lysimachos son of Aristeas
Menekles son of Hierokles

Dokimos son of Antiphon   [ 69/8 ]
Hestiaios son of Polymestor - by birth son of Apollonios
Philodemos son of Pamphilos - adopted by Charidemos
Diagoras son of Protarchos
Diophantos son of Artemidoros - adopted by Tharsagoras
Menodoros son of Eukrates
Basileides son of Basileides son of Hierokles
Panthos son of Antigonos son of Menodoros
Dionysios son of Menandros - adopted by Meniskos
Amphithemis son of Eukrates

Simos son of Epikrates   [ 59/8 ]
Apollonios son of Epikrates
Menippos son of Kleon
Menodoros son of Pamphilos
Antiphon son of Dokimos son of Antiphon
Molpagoras son of Dokimos son of Antiphon

[E] These presided over the singers:

Meniskos son of Sosamenes   [ 53/2 ]
Phanias son of Melas - by birth son of Hermias
Melas son of Menekrates
Apollonios son of Antigenes
Artemon son of Aphrodisios
Hekatomnōs son of Nikomedes
Menestratos son of Demetrios
Minnion son of Minnion - by birth son of Aristeas
Themison son of Demetrios
Apollonios son of Eirenaios - by birth son of Herakleon

Antiochos son of Antiochos son of Antiochos son of Antiochos son of Eumenes   [ 43/2 ]
Sosimenes son of Aischines
Antiochos son of Aischines
Epikrates son of Apollonios
Apollonios son of Apollonios, known as Stratonikos - in his year, the city became free and autonomous
Hegemandros son of Melas - by birth son of Nikomachos
Charatos son of Philiskos
Artemon son of Eirenias
Myonides son of Myonides son of Apollonios
Epikrates son of Simos

Xenares son of Aristogitos   [ 33/2 ]
Praxias son of Praxias
Aristeas son of Lysimachos
Sopolis son of Lysimachos - adopted by Apollonios
Aristeas son of Minnion
Dionysios son of Hekataios
Lysimachos son of Lysimachos
Sopolis son of Antigonos
Hegemandros son of Hegemandros
Philostratos son of Philostratos

Eukrates son of Amphithemis   [ 23/2 ]
Herakleon son of Menodotos
Diogenes son of Diogenes son of Theogenes
Straton son of Diogenes
Hegemandros son of Amphithemis
Apatourios son of Apatourios

[F] These presided over the singers:

Imperator Caesar son of the divine Caesar   [ 17/6 ]
Herakleides son of Euanthes
Apollo son of Zeus
Eukrates son of Menodoros
Charmes son of Thrasonides
Apollo son of Zeus
Demetrios son of Antiochos
Apollo son of Zeus
Philostratos son of Thrasymachos
Menophilos son of Thrasonides

Imperator Caesar son of the divine Caesar - for the second time   [ 7/6 ]
Demetrios son of Demetrios son of Demetrios son of Eukrates
Epikrates son of Eudemos
Lysimachos son of Sopolis
Minnion son of Aristeas
Phontides son of Phontides - by birth son of Dionysios
Diogenes son of Diogenes son of Diogenes
Gaius Caesar
Aulus Popillius Rufus son of Marcus
Artemon son of Lysimachos

Lysimachos son of Aristeas   [ 4/5 A.D. ]
Diogenes son of Straton
Lysimachos son of Lysimachos, son of Lysimachos son of Aristeas
Menodoros son of Eukrates
Tiberius Caesar
Amphithemis son of Eukrates
Thrasonides son of Menophilos - adopted by Minnion
Nikophon son of Tryphon - Olympic victor and high priest
Artemon son of Straton
Hestiaios son of Lerinos son of Chairetades - by birth son of Hestiaios, also called Athenagoras

Theon son of Theon   [ 14/5 A.D. ]
Hierokles son of Pammenes
Hekatomnōs son of Menippos, known as Menippos
Artemon son of Thrasonides
Minnion son of Menophilos son of Thrasonides - adopted by Minnion
Thrasonides son of Charmos
Neon son of Melas

[G] Stephanephoroi, also called aisymnetai:

Nikomedes son of Sophanes   [ 21/2 A.D. ]
Thrason son of Thrasonides
Melas son of Apollonios
Gaius Seius Athictus
Philostratos son of Chionis
Marcus Cornelius Capito son of Marcus, of the Colline tribe
Aristeas son of Sophanes - adopted by Lykinos
Idrieus son of Hermias - by birth son of Melanthios
Aristeas son of Minnion, also called Antigenes
Sophanes son of Sophanes - by birth son of Lykinos

Julia Phlyconis daughter of Gaius Julius . . .   [ 31/2 A.D. ]

inscription 323

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