Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 355


Greek text:   IMT_192   ( I.Ilion 24 )
Date:     c. 300 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

For some comments on the financial clauses in this decree, see A.Bresson, "The Making of the Ancient Greek Economy", page 292 ( Google Books ); for other aspects of the decree, see K.Harter-Uibopuu, "The Legal Framework for Successful Flow of Goods and Money", pp.4-7 ( PDF ).

The people of Ilion have awarded freedom from all taxes to Teisandros, Aischines, Charoppes and Nikasidikos of Tenedos, the sons of Aristoxenos, as proxenoi and benefactors, both to themselves and to their descendants. Whoever buys from these men, or sells to them, shall do so without tax; but if anyone exacts the tax, he shall hand over ten times the amount to the proxenoi. They shall have inviolability both in war and in peacetime, and the right to possess land and buildings and anything else that they wish, without tax. They shall be citizens of Ilion, and shall be enrolled in whichever tribe they wish. If any stranger wrongs them, it shall be permitted to seize him from the territory of Ilion, and the state of Ilion will assist them. They and their descendants shall be summoned by their own name and their father's name, to take privileged seats at the Panathenaia. They shall be provided with meals at the prytaneion. If anyone revokes any of these awards, let him be cursed.

inscription 356

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